Oliver Soil Conservation District

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Oliver Soil Conservation District
"Soil conservation is our business."

Oliver SCD Selects Wade and Merri Staigle  2018 Achievement Winners 

L to R  Logan, Ethan, Merri, Laramie (front row) Wade, Amber, Conley, Daniel

The Oliver SCD has the honor of recognizing Wade and Merri Staigle as the 2018 Achievement Winners for Oliver County.   Wade and Merri are a purebred seed stock producer of Simmental's.  The Staigle's have implemented many distinct management practices including cross fencing, wells, pipelines, tanks, and cover crops that have allowed them to adopt a diverse rotation across their grazing lands.  They have also planted just shy of 80,000 feet of trees. 


Oliver SCD Monthly Meeting - November 6th @ 12:00 pm

Office Closed - November 12th (Veterans Day)

ND Association of Soil Conservation District Annual Convention - November 18th - 20th

Office Closed - November 22nd - Thanksgiving Day Holiday