Oliver Soil Conservation District

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Our Board and Staff

Board Chairman, Lonnie Henke operates a diversified grain and livestock farm west of Hannover ND.  Henke raises spring wheat, sunflowers, corn, oats, barley, flax, canola, peas, alfalfa and grass hay in a no-till rotational system. Henke's livestock operation includes a cow/calf and back grounding program. Henke as served on the SCD board since 2006.

Vice Chairman, Mike Bauer and his wife Beverly reside in Mandan ND, their farming operation is located in south western Oliver County.  Bauer has served on the SCD board since 1993

David Porsborg and his wife Karen farm 7 miles south of Center.  They are currently operating 1800 acres which consists of a diverse rotation of wheat, corn, peas, flax, soybeans, and alfalfa. They started minimum tilling in 2000 and no-tilling in 2010. They have adopted many practices that help their soil health such as, low soil disturbance, diverse rotation, cover crops, no fungicides or insecticides, and keeping traffic to a minimum in fields.  Porsborg has served on the SCD board since 2017. 
Allan Schwalbe and his wife Sheila are the third generation to operate the family farm in south eastern Oliver County that was homesteaded by Alan's grandparents in 1904, after leaving south Russia.  The Schwalbe's currently no-till 2,200 acres growing spring wheat, corn, canola, and barley. They also have a cow calf operation, and background their calves, utilizing rotational grazing system.  Schwalbe has served on the SCD board since 2013.
Dale Berg and his wife Cindy operate a 1,700 acre no-till farm north of Hannover ND. Berg's rotation consists of wheat, corn, peas, and canola.  Berg has just recently added the challenge of farming  reclaimed mined land. Berg retired from his dairy operation in 2000,  and his cow/calf operation in 2013. Berg has served on the SCD board since 2008.
District Manager, JD Hanson and his wife Lacey reside in Center ND with their three children Lennon. Maddux and Emersyn. JD has been with the District since 2006 when he was hired as the District Technician.   In 2012 he took over the role of District Manager.  He has served three terms on the ND Conservation District Employees Association Board, and also assists with the technical reviews of applications for the ND Statewide Conservation Tree Planting Initiative, funded by the Outdoor Heritage Fund 


Pictured here are the OSCD Board of Supervisors with District Manager JD Hanson, who received the ND Association of Soil Conservation Districts award for Outstanding District Employee in 2015. 

Left to right are: Dale Berg, Alan Schwalbe, Mike Bauer, JD Hanson, LeAnn Harner and Lonnie Henke.

NRCS Staff

NRCS Distirct Conservationist - Vacant 

NRCS Soil Conservationist - Chet Zapxalka  grew up in Central Minnesota with a passion for the outdoors, which lead him to pursue a degree in Natural Resources Management a NDSU. Previously he was the watershed coordinator for Morton County SCD,   I look forward to working with producers and landowners in Oliver County to help them address various resource concerns they have on their farm or ranch

Farm Bill Specialist - Kristine Wilkins