Oliver Soil Conservation District

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Oliver Soil Conservation District
"Soil conservation is our business."

O-M-G Grassland Improvement Project


Soil Conservation Districts from Oliver, Morton, and Grant counties received a $900,000 grant for the purpose of installing grassland improvement practices.  Funding is available at a 60% rate to producers in those counties.  Pasture cross-fencing, water developments, and grass plantings are an example of the practices that can receive cost-share.  The funding was received in 2016 from the North Dakota Outdoor Heritage Fund (OHF).  The OHF was established in 2013 to provide grants that enhance conservation practices in our state.  The OHF receives its funds from ND oil and gas tax revenue.

Who is Eligible

Any producer or landowner that grazes animals or owns land that is grazed in Oliver, Morton or Grant Counties


  • Must agree to a 3-year prescribed grazing plan.
    1. In simple terms: Can you manage to rest each pasture 45-65 consecutive days during the grazing season and rotate season of use from year to year? (this is a general guideline based on actual plant growth and grazed height)
  • Maintain all structural practices for their designated lifespan.
    1. Fixing the fence, repairing water tanks/pipelines etc…
  • Be willing to allow tours of the pasture and improvements. This doesn’t mean that you WOULD have one.
  • Monitor forage use in your pastures and record the dates of rotation and animal numbers.

Other Information

  • A sign-up period runs from February 13th to March 3rd, 2017. Plans may be approved as early as April 2017.
  • Soil Districts administer the contracts. SCD and NRCS staff will work with producers to develop the conservation plans.
  • 1 SCD board member from each county will form the ranking committee. Applications are scored and ranked by the committee.              

     Funding of applications is not guaranteed.       

  • Batching deadlines occur quarterly the rest of the year(s). Project goes through 2019 or until funds are expended. 


OMG Grant Batching Period - February 13th - March 3rd

Presidents Day - February 20th (Office Closed)

2017 Winter Producer Meeting - February 24th @12:00 pm

Oliver SCD Monthly Meeting - March 3rd @ 11:00 am

Local Work Group Meeting - March 3rd @ 2:00 pm